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Unique battery-powered, rechargeable GPS trackers for accurate fast-tracking of all valuables

Lommy Rapid is a series of small battery-powered GPS trackers for accurate positioning, even when high speed positioning is required.

A battery-powered device, that is capable of high-speed positioning gives you a unique solution.

Battery recharging ensures you profitability and functionalities for years to come.

Lommy Rapid monitors the exact location of your valuables and provides reports in a time interval of your choice.

Activate the motion sensor and you will get a notification, when movements occur. Motion report interval can be set down to every 30 seconds.

Choosing the option for Real-Time mode, enables you to receive ultra-high-speed positions in an interval down to a few seconds. Real-Time mode is supplied as a special add-on option.

Accurate fast tracking

Lommy Rapid, battery-powered GPS trackers for remote monitoring of your valuables with the capability of ultra-high-speed positioning.

Fast-tracking, efficient power management, rechargeable battery and secure technology ensures you optimal utilization.

Key features:

  • Monitor the location using accurate GPS technology
  • Enable the G-sensor and monitor the movements
  • Battery powered with efficient power management
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Small, suitable for assets of all sizes
  • Adjustable time interval reports
  • Adjustable movement reports, down to every 30
  • Option for Real-Time mode with capability of
    reports every few seconds
  • Set up custom alerts
  • Remote management of settings and alerts
  • Easy to use, easy to hide, no wiring needed

Keep track

Accurate GPS tracker for reliable tracking of all your belongings. Easy monitoring on web, smart- phone or tablet. Set up email alerts to receive warnings if unwanted incidents occur.

On the move

Activate the built-in motion sensor and Lommy Rapid will send positions, if your valuables are moving. Activate the notifications to get alerts.

Accurate positioning

Reliable and accurate positioning based on advanced GSM triangulation combined with accurate GPS positions.

Battery powered

Efficient power management, recharge- able battery and secure technology ensures optimal utilization and makes Lommy Rapid a great investment.

Easy to mount, easy to use

Lommy Rapid is battery-powered and easy to install. No assembly or wiring is required. Simply hide the small GPS tracker on your belongings and it is ready.

Track down, if lost

Track the position of your lost or stolen asset in a secure way by using a combination of GSM and GPS. As the device is small, easy to hide and difficult to trace, the recovery rate is extremely high.

[/lommy rapid monitors the exact location of your valuables and provides reports in a time interval of your choice]

Monitor your assets on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.


Basic, easy to use platform incl. real-time map, historical data and custom alarms.


Complete fleet management platform incl. real-time map with historical trails, custom alarms, geofence, report generator and maintenance planning.

White Label

Customised, branded platform, based on our systems.

System integration (API)

Use your own system. We will provide open source software and API.

Technical Data – Lommy Eye



  • Monitor the location using accurate GPS technology
  • Enable the G-sensor and monitor the movements
  • Battery powered with efficient power management
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Small, suitable for assets of all sizes
  • Remote management of settings and alerts

Report interval

Time intervalAdjustable, e.g. every 6, 12 or 24 hours or pre-set time
Movement reportsAdjustable, down to every 30 seconds
Real-Time modeReports every few seconds, when activated


  • No assembly or wires




  • GSM Quad band 2G – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Communication protocol: UDP
  • Positioning: GPS and GSM-triangulation
  • Antennas: Internal
  • Motion sensor: 3 axis G-sensor



Server and data security:

  • ISAE3402 certified (referring to ISO 27002)


Rapid SRapid L
Weight31 g102 g
Measurement53 x 37 x 16 mm76 x 67 x 21 mm
Battery specification
Rechargeable lithium batteries800 mAh2350 mAh
Battery capacity of a fully charged batteryUp to 400 positionsUp to 2000 positions
Battery chargerDesktop dockMicro USB
Temperature range-30°C to +60°C-30°C to +60°C

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide


  • Lommy Rapid is ready to use
  • Just place it in / on your asset

Testing of correct mounting

It is highly recommended to test the chosen location prior mounting to determine if the mounting spot is optimal.
GSM signal strength and the number of GSM cells heard tell if the placement is optimal.
Information about GSM data can be obtained by logging in on the web interface.

Correct mounting is important for optimal performance

  • To obtain the best possible conditions for receiving GPS and GSM signals, the device must be mounted with the best possible view to the sky
  • It’s important, that the GSM and GPS antennas aren’t covered with materials such as iron, aluminium, or windscreens with sun protection, as this can interfere with the signals
  • Materials like concrete and most metals will dampen the signal strength significantly, and placement behind such materials should be avoided
  • Lommy Rapid can securely be mounted under materials such as fabric, glass, glass fibres, wood or plastic.

GPS and GSM connectivity

  • Optimal condition for receiving GPS signals is a location with un-obstructed view to the sky
  • Optimal condition for receiving GSM positions is an un-obstructed view to the horizon
  • Less can do it, as optimal conditions are rarely achieved
  • Only 3 satellites are required, to receive a GPS position
  • GPS positions based on multiple satellites will increase position accuracy
  • Only connectivity to 1 GSM cell with decent signal is required, to send data from your Lommy Rapid to the server
  • Optimal GSM connectivity, where many cells can be heard and the RSSI/signal-value is higher than -90, will improve data transmitting in areas with bad coverage and improve GSM triangulation
  • Lommy Rapid has the option of switching to another GSM cell with better signal strength, if more cells are available in a specific area.

Signal reflection

Signals can, to some extent, be reflected depending on the reflecting surface.
Opposite can local or temporary conditions change or hinder signal reflection.


The signals from a device mounted beneath a trailer can be reflected by the road and to some extent improve connectivity.
However, if the trailer is parked with the backend against a concrete ramp, the signal can be blocked.

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