We are passionate about technology, always on the go, exploring new ways of tracking.

Fully flexible IoT systems allow clients to build their own tracking functions and solutions.

Open Source gives partners the freedom to adapt software and functional features to meet specific needs. Our platform can facilitate an effective integration with other software systems.

Build and manage your own IoT sensor solution
– or let us do it for you

Monitor the data by using the platform of your choice.
Decide where to display the data – the options are many.

The ability to monitor the wide range of Flextrack sensors are many.
Choose to use the Flextrack monitoring platform, your own system or an extern solution.


Flextrack Platform

Flextrack has 2 fully integrated monitoring platforms, that support the many different sensor types Flextrack produces.
By using Flextrack platforms, the sensors can be used directly at reception.

Flextrack platform can facilitate an effective integration with other software systems,
including the ability to integrate 3rd party data on Flextrack’s platform.

Trackeye is a basic, easy to use platform for positioning and monitoring including real-time map, historical data and custom alarms.
LommyFleet is a complete fleet management platform including real-time map with historical trials, custom alarms, geofence, reports, temperature monitoring maintenance planning and much more.
White Label, Flextrack offers to build a customised branded platform, based on our systems.

Read more about white label technical details


Data sent via API

Integrate Flextrack Sensor data into your existing platform and monitor all your devices on a single platform.

Flextrack has 2 API options, the FlexWS and the c4api.

c4api can be integrated into websites/apps, with the support of account management, and the handling of data dynamically.
To gain access to the data, an account with units is required.

To retrieve and store data for different Sensors, HTTP REST interface is used.
A unique unit identifier (GUID), for each unit, is needed to be able to make API calls.
The only way to obtain GUID’s, is to contact Flextrack.
Make sure you can be identified as the owner of the units, you can’t get this data on behalf of someone.

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Customer server

Data handled on customer server

Flextrack offers partners the opportunity to receive data from sensors on an external server.

With the standard software, it is possible to configure all IoT sensor models to communicate directly with a customer server, to exchange data, commands and configurations.
The customer server will then be responsible for answering the units according to the communication protocol.
The Lommy models are using two different protocols – SUT and FlexCl.

The Flextrack SUT protocol can be used between a Flextrack Sensor and a Server, to exchange data, commands and parameters. SUT is a pure text protocol using UDP

Flextrack sensor models Lommy Pro and Lommy Personal communicate over TCP/IP using the FlexCl protocol.

Please contact us for further information about Customer Server solutions.

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Customised Software Flextrack Application Layer

Flextrack partners can customise their own sensor model by building a complete application from the very beginning.

The Flextrack Application Layer (FAL) open-source software allows for the development of custom applications and functions using our FAL library with hundreds of functions.
All Flextrack Sensors use the same programming interface (API). This means, that any application, that runs on a specific Sensor, also will run on other Sensors, that are connected to the API.

Please contact us for further information about our Customised Software solutions.

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