[/temperature monitoring transportation]

Superior and reliable temperature monitoring between –200ºC and +300ºC

Temperature monitoring transportation
Temperature monitoring transportation

Temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines require stable temperatures during transportation.

An unbroken cold chain throughout distribution from the manufacturer until the final delivery is essential – and must be documented.


Flextrack’s products and solutions meet those needs.

This video talks about Flextrack temperature monitor solutions running with customers in more European countries.

Safe and efficient real-time temperature monitoring 24/7

As the video talks about, the transportation of temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines must live up to the stringent requirements described by the pharmaceutical industry.

If a temperature-sensitive medicine or vaccine is monitored out-of-range, it loses effectiveness and strength and must be discarded, often with major financial losses as a result.

Therefore, to ensure that the quality of medicines and vaccines are intact at all stages, controlling the temperature throughout the cold chain is essential.

This often entails enormous challenges and places huge demands on storage and transport.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the quality of medicines and vaccines are intact at all stages.

With a Flextrack IoT sensor solution, you will find it easy to comply with these requirements.

Key features:

  • Reliable temperature monitoring in real-time 24/7
  • Monitoring temperature ranging from –200ºC to +300ºC
  • Collect reliable data required by the pharmaceutical industry for documentation
  • Temperature fluctuation monitoring
  • Sends alarm if a temperature fluctuates out-of-range
  • Surveillance of performance trends – to help you take precautions before an alarm is sent *
  • Remote management of settings and alerts – to follow, control, and manage every ‘link’ or step of the cold chain

* Surveillance of performance trends helps your company to take the necessary measures/precautions even before an automatic alarm is generated – before the temperature fluctuates out-of-range.

Reliable temperature monitoring 24/7

It is of the utmost importance that errors are detected and remedied in time.

To solve this problem, we have developed Lommy Pro T.

With Lommy Pro T you get a safe, constant, stable, monitoring of the temperature. If the temperature fluctuates beyond the permitted value for the individual medicine or vaccine, Lommy Pro T sends an alarm so you can take the necessary measures immediately, ensuring the quality of vital medicines and vaccines.

To know more about Lommy Pro T, read here.

Lommy Pro T is a reliable temperature monitoring device, measuring temperatures between –200ºC and +300ºC, no matter where the vaccine or medicine is in the cold chain on is on its way to its destination.

A necessary layer of security

Flextrack develops both software and hardware. This gives your company several advantages, as it:

  • simplifies the corporation process
  • ensures a tailormade solution
  • makes the implementation process easier
  • makes updating of software easier
  • answers the customer questions and help their wants
  • eases the work of development

With a Flextrack solution, your company gets a fully integrated solution across platforms.

Our platform facilitates effective integration with other software systems because the open-source integration gives you the freedom to adapt software and functional features to meet a company’s specific needs.

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Keep track

Secure, stable, GPS sensor for easy monitoring of temperature, visible on the computer, smartphone, or tablet. Set up email alerts to receive a warning in the event of an unwanted incident.

Temperature fluctuations

Register temperature fluctuations for safe and secure transportation of temperature-sensitive products.

System integration

Easy to integrate with a multitude of cooling-systems, due to our API integration.

Battery and power supply
Efficient power management

A combined power supply provides an optimal power supply, as it uses its own battery in combination with the cooling unit’s power supply.


The system collects data from the temperature-monitoring, to serve as documentation for a course of events, troubleshooting and detection, as the basis of evidence.

Accurate positioning

Reliable and accurate positioning based on advanced GSM triangulation combined with accurate GPS positions.

Protect against theft

Track down, if lost or stolen. The technology uses a combination of GSM and GPS to ensure that medicines and vaccines are found in time if falling into the wrong hands.

[/Flextrack gives you an extra but necessary layer of security.]

Monitor your assets on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.


Complete fleet management platform incl. real-time map with historical trails, custom alarms, geofence, report generator and maintenance planning.

White Label

Customised, branded platform based on our systems.

System integration (API)

Use your own system. We will provide open-source software and API.

We deliver leading edge, customised sensor solutions of the highest quality. Contact us!

We provide solutions that match your challenges exactly

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