[/flextrack white label platform]


Configuration of a white label

Domain & SSL Certificates

Flextrack offers 2 different methods of white label integrations.

Method 1 – Redelegation (Preferred)

Buy a domain, which should be redelegated to our CloudFlare account. We will supply you with the required nameservers, when time is. SSL certificates will be handled by us.

We do not support, subdomain delegation currently.

Method 2 – Proxying (TrackEye only)

Setup your own webserver, to proxy all requests https://trackeye.eyetoguard.eu.

Every request should have the following headers prepended:

X-Forwarded-For: REMOTE_ADDR

WHITELABEL_HOSTNAME is the hostname that you wish to use.

IDENTIFIER is a string supplied by us.

REMOTE_ADDR is a variable, available within the webserver config.


You must supply us, with your logo in landscape (16:9) format. This will be used on the login page, and the dashboard above the map.

We prefer that the logo is vector, in one of the following types: EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, AFDESIGN.

Font & Colors

The colors of the following items, are decided by you:

Buttons, Scrollbars, Background (gradient).

We will need the color codes, as HEX numbers.

It’s also possible to change the font. This would be supplied via a CDN or Google fonts.

Keep in mind, that the site is optimised to be used with our own font.


A support e-mail address from you, is needed, to display to the users.

The application will also use this e-mail, to send automatic generated mails.