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Grow your business with unique customizable GPS Tracking & Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

Flextrack supplies fully flexible, tailored, and patented IoT GPS solutions for tracking and monitoring to partners worldwide.

To bring the best to your needs for reliable, scalable, intelligent GPS tracking and monitoring solutions, we have developed several unique devices, both wired and battery-powered.

Each device is unique, designed with functionality and applications, ready to be used straight from our shelves. Hardware, software, settings, or view on the platform can also be tailored to your needs.

As a Flextrack partner, you can offer your customers IoT tracking and monitoring solutions for trailers, caravans, equipment, machinery, fleet management, temperature monitoring, surveillance of valuables/assets, and much more.

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A fully flexible Open-Source platform for customized tracking and monitoring solutions

Flextrack offers a fully flexible Open-Source platform for customized GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for you and your customers.

We offer you to build your own functions and solutions on top of Flextrack GPS tracking or monitoring devices, easy and effectively. It gives you complete freedom to adapt software and functional features to your needs.

With Flextrack’s flexible open-source approach to the platform, the programming and data handling ensure a reliable, easy, and effective integration with a variety of server solutions.

Tracking & Monitoring real-time

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Explaining Flextrack tracking & monitoring solutions

Monitor your GPS sensor data by using a platform of your choice

Explaining Flextrack tracking & monitoring solutions


Powerful, robust, unique GPS sensors as a foundation/basis for custom tracking and monitoring solutions.


Customizable software. You can tailor all our devices to your specific needs, as the Flextrack Application Layer is open-source software that allows for developing custom applications and functions – from scratch if required. Learn more =>


Customized data-handling. You can receive data from all Flextrack GPS sensors and monitoring devices integrated with the Flextrack server solution, your own server solution, or an external 3rd-party alternative. Learn more =>


Customizable solution. You and your customers can easily monitor all vehicles, machines, valuables, and assets from a single platform, as Flextrack’s interfaces for positioning and monitoring has and user-friendly interface and are easy to navigate. Learn more =>

Let us build and manage your IoT sensor solutions
– or do it yourself

GPS Tracking & Monitoring

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Get full ownership of our products with Flextrack White Label Integration

Flextrack offers a white-label platform to meet your needs for solid, reliable, scalable monitoring and tracking solutions with your Brand Logo.

With a Flextrack white label solution, you can have your Brand Name and Logo shown on your platform.

You can tailor your own solution choosing between a Flextrack, a White Label or API solution. Any tracking and monitoring white label solution can be tailored to your needs.

You have the freedom to adapt hardware, software, and functional features to meet your specific needs.

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Being a Flextrack partner

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Advantages and Benefits of being a Flextrack partner
– be competitive in your market with reliable IoT GPS tracking and monitoring solutions

A Flextrack partnership creates value-added solutions and services to our partners onboard. With our GPS tracking and monitoring solutions, our partners and their customers have a unique opportunity to grow a profitable tracking and monitoring business.

Benefits of partnership with Flextrack:

  1. Easy to get started and grow a profitable tracking and monitoring business
  2. Cooperation to find new innovations for known or experienced challenges.
  3. Marketing material at request
  4. Training, education, and partner support
  5. Benefit from additional knowledge by bridging the gap in expertise and knowledge
  6. Better economy and savings in cost

Grow your business with Flextrack,

and benefit from our advanced and powerful solutions for tracking and monitoring

Our strength – your benefit

  • Powerful, intelligent IoT sensor solutions

  • Passionate about technology

  • Always on the go, exploring new ways of tracking

  • Rigorous in our pursuit of technical excellence

  • Adhere to the highest standards of server and data security

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to be recognized as the global leader in providing world class tracking solutions and asset management]