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Flextrack is a market-leading telematics company, serving customers worldwide with state-of-the-art tracking solutions.

Since our formation in 2004, Flextrack has been at the forefront of innovation, bringing the newest tracking technology into the hands of our customers. Driven by the needs of a diverse customer base, we have developed a unique and fully flexible tracking system, easy for everyone to operate. Whether the aim is to strengthen personal safety, protect valuables, fleet control or operations management, we offer a strong portfolio of Lommy tracking devices and an open software solution, customizable to meet specific needs and add extra value.

Since the launch of our first Lommy, we have widened our horizons, to become an internationally recognised provider of innovative tracking solutions.

Flextrack supplies retailers, wholesalers and distributors worldwide with flexible, integrated tracking solutions.

Offering a strong portfolio of innovative tracking devices, open source software and high quality service, we are able to meet multiple customer needs (across industries and sectors, such as health and safety, automotive, logistics, offshore, social care, construction, manufacturing and many more).

We see ourselves as a partner, working in close co-operation with our customers to help them achieve their objectives. We are therefore always eager to explore new ideas and are continually looking to enter new markets in partnership with retailers, wholesalers and distributors around the world.

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