Produkt CaptureLommy Capture has been especially developed for trailer tracking and cargo protection.

Unlike any other GPS-tracker on the market, the device can store energy from tail lights, brake lights or indicators, when either of these are turned on. This allows for continuous long-term tracking without the use of battery or a fixed power source.

Lommy Capture is so small that it can be placed in the light housing of a trailer, where it will be well hidden for the human eye and undetectable by scanners.

Positions sent at regular intervals
When Lommy Capture generates power from the tail lights, the device can transmit its position approx. every second minute for live tracking. If tail lights are off, Lommy Capture will generate power from the brake lights and indicators to transmit its position at regular intervals, approx. every 2-8 minutes.

Key features include: combined GPS/GSM technology, ‘SuperCaps’ for intelligent energy storage, watertight cabinet (IP65), 5 year warranty, 24/7 access to secure online account for monitoring positions/alarm settings, and more.

News article: Groundbreaking technology for tracking of trailers

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