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Flextrack is an internationally recognised provider of innovative tracking solutions. We offer a strong range of market-leading GPS trackers and flexible software.

Whether your aim is asset protection, vehicle tracking, or operations management, we can provide a unique tracking solution that will support your goals and add value to your business.

Today, our tracking devices are being used all over the globe and across industries and sectors, such as automotive, logistics, offshore, social care, construction, manufacturing and many more.


Case stories

In close collaboration with customers and industry partners, we continually strive to develop new energy-efficient ways of tracking.

Optimizing the assembly process

Assembly Project Wind Turbines Lommy 2

In partnership with one of the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturers, we have developed a tracking solution for optimizing the assembly process. The arrangement of wind turbine parts, machines, and equipment is crucial for ensuring an effective assembly process. With our smart Lommy Eye tracking devices, the location of each part in the assembly process can be monitored and evaluated for improving the flow.


Protecting livestock

Protecting Livestock Lommy

Our devices are also used for tracking sheep in Norway, which requires a smart solution for power management. Obviously, a tracking device cannot be hard-wired when carried by a sheep. But with our advanced ‘low power’ technology, we could provide a small tracking device with long battery life – Lommy Eye – the perfect solution for long-term tracking of sheep.


Energy-efficient trailer tracking

Energy efficient Trailer Tracking Lommy 2Due to the rise in trailer thefts, tracking of trailers has also become an essential need in the transport industry. In close collaboration with customers and partners from the transport sector, we have developed Lommy Capture for tracking trailers. Unlike any other GPS-tracker on the market, Lommy Capture can generate power from the tail lights, brake lights, and indicators. This allows for continuous long-term tracking of trailers without the use of battery or a fixed power source.


Flexibility in freight transport

Flexibility in freight transportWe offer tracking solutions for all types of freight transport – from local deliveries to long haul trucking and international shipping. Combining the newest GPS and GSM technology, our tracking devices provide maximum signal coverage and high precision. In addition to cargo protection, the tracking devices may also support goals of operational excellence and corporate governance.