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New model joins the Lommy Eye family

We have launched a new model of our popular Lommy Eye tracking device. The new model, Lommy Eye L, offers a six year battery life span.

This means that our customers can now choose between three different Lommy Eye models with battery life spans of up to 3, 6 and 15 years.

Sales Manager Claus Frost Wrang says: ‘With our new Lommy Eye model, we want to offer our customers greater choice and flexibility. Lommy Eye L is both dust and water repellent, and offers the advantage of a replaceable battery.’
Lommy Eye is a small, battery-driven tracking device, which can be placed on any object that you wish to monitor and protect against theft (e.g. vehicle, trailer, boat etc.). No assembly or wires are required. Once you have placed Lommy Eye on an object, you are ready to track the position of the object remotely, using a smartphone or a computer with internet access.

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