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Groundbreaking technology for tracking of trailers

Flextrack has launched a new patented GPS-tracker that can generate power from tail lights, brake lights and indicators.

The new GPS-tracker, Lommy Capture, is especially developed for theft protection and THE
monitoring of trailers, caravans and more. Unlike any other GPS-tracker on the market, Lommy Capture can generate power from vehicle lights, such as the tail lights of a trailer. Hence, it needs no battery or connection to A power supply for it to work and be trackable.

Simple solution built on new technology

Lommy Capture is so small that it can be placed in the tail light of a trailer, where it will be well hidden in case of theft.

When tail lights are on, the device automatically receives enough power to work as a live tracker, transmitting its position approximately every second minute. If tail lights are off (i.e. in countries where headlights are not compulsory during the daylight hours), Lommy Capture generates power from brake lights and indicators instead. Energy will then be stored in special “power containers” called Supercaps to ensure the availability of power to transmit a position at regular intervals of 2-8 minutes.

Flextrack has received international patent for the technology behind Lommy Capture. Hence, no one else on the market offers the same form of GPS-tracking.

Product development in close collaboration with the industry

Lommy Capture has been developed in close collaboration with customers and partners from the transport sector. Flextrack’s Sales Manager, Claus Frost Wrang, states:

“The transport sector is developing at a high speed. Focus and needs are changing rapidly, leading to a demand for new solutions and products. We cannot allow ourselves the arrogance of thinking that we can sit in our headquarters in Denmark and know what our customers need. We therefore work in close partnership with the transport sector on an international level, through a preferred partner network. This enables us to listen to what the market requires and needs.”

In the transport sector, focus has for many years been on installing tracking devices in trucks for monitoring and theft protection. However, due to the rise in trailer thefts, tracking of trailers has also become an essential need in the industry. Lommy Capture has been developed to meet this need.

Lommy Capture has recently been launched on the market in Europe and can be bought directly from Flextrack. The purchase of a Lommy Capture includes access to an online account from where the position and movements of the device can be monitored.

Read more about Lommy Capture or contact our US sales team on tel. +45 76 13 44 44 to hear more about our solutions for tracking of trailers.