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Flextrack is introducing ‘Lommy’ zero power management devices to the North American market

Boston, July 19, 2017— Flextrack - a Care4All company- is introducing the Lommy brand and ‘Lommy’ zero power management devices, using the newest patented technology to the formidable North American market. Finally, a European company may have found a way to crack the North American market. It's called ‘Zero power, Zero wires’

Registered and approved by the US government, our products stand out from every standard. Flextrack asset tracking presents North America with a new and innovative approach. Making it easier, more flexible and affordable. Functioning on 2G and 3G networks and a unique battery life span of up to15 years, they are perfect for the modern-day US and Canadian market. The unique and patented technology is waiting to take the game of ‘valuables protection’ to the next level.

 Whether the aim is to strengthen tracking of assets, cargo protection, monitoring of trailers and other valuables or operations management, we offer a strong   portfolio  of Flextrack tracking services and an open software platform. Customizable to meet any needs, it adds enormous value to your business processes. The   ability to integrate with any technology currently owned by our clients, delivers a strong solution and value on investment. Protection does not end with tracking   alone,  it is all about retrieving your property once it has been lost or stolen. That’s why a new line of products has been developed driven by the needs of our diverse   customer base. A unique and fully flexible tracking system, easy for anyone to operate enabling us to being effective outdoors as well as indoors. With no hard wiring-   in required, these units are easily disguisable and hiding them is a piece of cake’, says Erik Stavleu, Sales North America.

 With its headquarters based in Denmark, Flextrack has been at the forefront of innovation since its foundation in 2004. With our proven track record of more than a   decade, we are bringing the newest tracking technology into the hands of our customers all over the world, (from Germany, the UK to Australia). Time and time   again,  our solutions have proven to be most valuable within various industries. Diversity is our strong suit, from tracking sheeps in Norway, to Law Enforcement   tracking and surveillance of criminals, to safety monitoring for elderly and solo operating field workers (energy and agriculture). We do not limit ourselves to what is   available, but take pride in what we are able to accomplish together with our customers to satisfy their needs.

 ’Since the launch of our first Flextrack Lommy device, we have widened our horizons, to become an internationally recognized provider of innovative tracking   solutions’  says Claus Frost Wrang, Global Sales Manager Flextrack. “The expansion of Flextrack into North America is an important step in the development of our company. The U.S. is an important goal for us and our new solutions are perfect for this vast market. Besides servicing new customers, we can strengthen the relationship with our current clients throughout the world. To be able to introduce our unique proposition to the North American market makes us feel proud and excited.”