HTTP REST interface used to retrieve and store data, for different Lommy units.

You will need a unique unit identifier (GUID), for each unit, to be able to make API calls.
The only way to obtain GUID's, is to contact Flextrack.
Make sure you can be identified as the owner of the units, you can't get this data on behalf of someone.


You can find more detailed information in the web-services documentation:



Lommy Eye:


Method URI Description
GET /flexws/latestsutmessage/ Returns the latest SUT message
GET /flexws/sutmessage/ Returns data within specified date range
GET /flexws/lommy/ Returns meta data of the unit
GET /flexws/sutmessage/configuration/ Returns the configuration sent to the unit
POST /flexws/sutmessage/configuration/ Save configuration to the unit
POST /flexws/sutmessage/gpsinfo/ Add position to a report, if none exist

Data returned is a JSON object.