Design your own tracking functions

FAL API diagramFlextrack's open-source software allows for the development of custom applications and functions on our platform.

Customers are able to build a complete application from the very beginning, using our FAL library with hundreds of functions (incl. RTOS). We can also add your specific application module to our standard tracking application. Our platforms support writing programs in C and also C++.

One API for all your tracking devices

All Lommy devices from Flextrack use the same programming interface (API). This means that any application that runs on a specific Lommy device will also run on all other devices that are connected to the API (across all Lommy platforms).

This feature enables customers to develop their own applications on a specific device. Afterwards, the application can be moved to any other Lommy device (or Lommy platform), should the need arise. There is no need to rewrite an application as all devices and platforms are 100% compatible!

The only limitation to this compatibility is the availability of peripheral components on a specific platform or device. For example, if mp3 voice playback is used in an application, this function will not operate on a device that has no MP3 peripheral support.

Please contact us for further information about our customised software solutions.

Imagine it and build it – or let us do it for you!