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Jan Nørskov – a Danish entrepreneur and inventor – founded Flextrack ApS in 2004.

He had a vision of making tracking technology available to a wider market. Advanced tracking devices, he believed, should not only be a tool for the select few who could afford the investment. Instead, private consumers, small businesses and public sector bodies should also be given the chance to benefit from new tracking technology.

Together with a team of telematics experts, he set out to develop a smart, handy and user-friendly tracking device, combining GPS and GSM technology for maximum signal coverage. The first device, named Lommy, was launched in 2005 and was the first GPS tracker in the world to also function indoors. Lommy quickly gained a leading position in the market. Customers, across industries and sectors, appreciated its flexibility, functional features and long-lasting battery.
Flextrack is based in Denmark with head office in Esbjerg and R&D department in Hedensted. Today, we serve customers worldwide. We continue to broaden our scope, reaching new markets to become a global provider of innovative tracking solutions.

Jan Nørskov, CEO